By NOLA Defender

J.P. Morrell wants the kids to know that he is hip to modern ways. Morell is a card carrying member of the tweetosphere. Morrell is known for wearing stylish sneakers on the legislature’s floor. And, now Morrell has a podcast.

“The more informed and engaged people are, the better they can help guide the legislation that has real effects on our everyday lives,” said Morrell. “It can be difficult for constituents to keep up with everything that’s happening during session, so in addition to holding traditional town hall meetings and fielding phone calls and emails, I wanted to give constituents another way to connect and get answers to their questions.”

The State Senator issued a release announcing that the show will begin around April 13 to coincide with the 2015 legislative session. During the podcasts, Morrell will answer listener submitted questions.

The preferred means of suggesting content is (of course) Twitter. Voters are encouraged to tag him (@JPMorrell) in tweets with questions or use the hashtag #AskJP. Old fashioned listeners can simply use his website.

The broadcasts will be released weekly.

And, then there are those sneakers. The shoetree getting their own social media campaign. Anyone who is quick enough to snap a shot of the legislator’s shoes is encouraged to post them to Instagram or Twitter with the tag #JPKicks.

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