LIDEA recognizes the efforts of State Senator JP Morrel to support economic development during the 2015 Regular Legislative Session.

Sen. Morrell, along with other legislators across the state who are being honored, supported LIDEA’s efforts to provide tools for state, regional and local economic developers to improve the economic health of their respective communities.

Sen. Morrell will receive the Legislative Allies award for his efforts to support LIDEA’s agenda during floor debates and in committee.

“We recognize the difficulty all of our legislators faced going into the session and are proud to have worked with them to continue to strengthen our economic development tools for greater returns to both the State and local communities, as well as the companies which make the investment in capital and jobs, ” stated Rhonda Reap-Curiel, LIDEA Legislative Chair.

“The legislators we recognize this year are representative of those who continue to support our efforts to increase capital investment, increase wages and increase the ability of our citizens to qualify for higher wage jobs in their communities.”

The awards are not based solely on scorecard reporting, but on efforts recognized by LIDEA’s legislative committee.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Formal presentation of the awards will take place in Baton Rouge on October 20 as part of LIDEA’s annual conference.

LIDEA is a statewide professional trade organization whose mission is to increase the effectiveness of individuals involved in the practice of economic development in Louisiana through professional development, public policy advocacy, networking, and collaboration with community and business stakeholders. More information can be found at

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