In the wake of a large scale flooding during last night’s rain event, Senator JP Morrell is setting up a town hall meeting to brief the public on state hurricane preparedness and the status of local flood control structures.

“The flooding that took place throughout New Orleans yesterday was unprecedented in its breadth and scope. Many homes and businesses were flooded and a tremendous amount of damage was done to the personal property of our citizens. Today, we begin to take stock of this damage while we brace ourselves for more rain.

“It’s time for a comprehensive, local, overview of the status of flood protection in New Orleans. Three state agencies are tasked with flood control in our area; Southeastern Flood Protection Authority East (, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority ( as well as the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board (

“I’ve been in contact with Sen. Yvonne Dorsey (D-Baton Rouge), the Chair of Senate Local and Municipal Affairs, as well as Sen. Norby Chaubert (R-Houma), the Chair of Senate Natural Resources. Between our three committees, we have comprehensive oversight over all the respective response agencies.

“My staff in Baton Rouge has already begun the effort to put together a town hall meeting in New Orleans, with representatives from all these agencies present, to present an overview on the status of our flood control structures, pumping and hurricane preparedness. The time, date and location of this meeting will be published later this week.

“Yesterday was a harrowing experience for many, and Katrina was on our minds as the waters lapped at our steps. It is necessary, and appropriate, that the public be reassured that government is prepared as we continue through this hurricane season.”

– Sen. JP Morrell

The time, date and location of this meeting will be established later this week. Follow Sen. Morrell on Facebook ( and Twitter (@JPMorrell) or check his website ( for more information and updates.