JP has long been a champion of reforming and improving the criminal justice system. As both a former Orleans Parish Public Defender and brother of two New Orleans Police officers, he understands firsthand the importance of a strong, and fair, criminal justice system. He established the Pretrial Service Commission to assist the courts in assessing the safety and flight risk of a defendant when determining bonds and release conditions. He is currently spearheading efforts to have a legitimate conversation on how to streamline law enforcement in the City of New Orleans to get better outcomes with existing resources.

A steadfast advocate for women and children victims of abuse, JP formed the Sexual Assault Working Group to examine sexual assault incidents, investigations, and written policies at each Louisiana state college and university, leading to his passage of legislation addressing these issues. He has also authored laws that allows spouses who have been violently abused to get divorces more quickly and that protect abused children.

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Good Government

JP represents a diverse district, and he knows how to put politics aside in order to achieve what is best for the people he represents. JP is known for his tenacity in rooting out waste, negligence, and corruption in the public sector. He has authored and advocated for numerous policies to fix government and ensure it is working for all of us. He’s passed bills that bar contractors and companies that bribe officials from contracting with the State of Louisiana. He’s streamlined existing boards and commissions to better utilize our hard earned tax dollars. When state-funded jobs programs were not delivering, he held them accountable. And when BP was not meeting its obligations after the oil spill, he took them to task; and he continues to fight them to pay what they owe.

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“I did not get into politics to skirt the tough issues. I sought office to help bring about positive, lasting change. That is why I have requested to be appointed to the Senate Education Committee.” – Senator JP Morrell

The son of a school principal, JP recognizes that improving education is the most effective way to enhance quality of life in Louisiana. To that end, last year he resigned his long standing position on the Senate Natural Resources Committee to fill the vacant seat on the Senate Education Committee. His bold move comes at a contentious time for education in Louisiana. Today we are faced with a range of challenging issues, including funding, Common Core, career and technical education, early childhood programs, and school governance. The education of our children, and grandchildren, is one the primary tasks of state government; and JP believes that he has a duty to represent District 3 on the forefront of this issue.

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A husband and father of two, JP is known as the state’s champion for families. In addition to his work on behalf of the victims of sexual assault, he fights for the issues and policies that keep families strong, including well-paying jobs, safe streets, smart schools, accessible health care, and vibrant neighborhoods. He continues working hard to fix streets and install street-lights, as well as ensuring that children have access to quality learning environments, such as the new Lake Forest Elementary Charter School in New Orleans East. He brought millions home to reopen Methodist Hospital in New Orleans East and fought to get additional FEMA funding for Nunez Community College in Chalmette. As a member of the Algiers Development District and Chairman of the Gentilly Development District he has been a leader in the redevelopment of the Federal City site in Algiers and Milne Boy’s Home located in Gentilly.

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As a native of Southeast Louisiana, JP knows that coastal protection is the number one issue for St. Bernard, Jefferson, and Orleans Parishes. He not only believes that it’s his responsibility as a leader to protect Louisiana’s coastal environment for future generations but also that the solutions should not negatively affect today’s fishermen and coastal communities. He has spoken out and voted against Senate Bill 469, a measure designed to halt a lawsuit filed by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East against oil companies for damages to the Louisiana coast. While Sen. Morrell stresses the importance of coastal protection, he also knows that Louisiana’s coastal culture and economy cannot be jeopardized in the process.

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